The Merchants

The Merchants of Mundane Goods (From Mars) descend upon earth to sell their priceless wares.
Unfortunately they have all but become mundane objects to humans.
At least their advertisings kinda cool - Still stuck in the 90's though

Catalogue S/S 2021

Welcome to the the Merchants S/S 2021 catalogue of goods that have been hauled from their red plant.
It's really not much but to ensure we maintain good relations with the Martians, please have a look...

Have you ever wanted the lush greenness of the rainforest in your own home?
Look no further than the botanical excellence of the wonderous Peace lily
For the low and cheap price of $25.00
Ever wanted to capture the wonders of life with your own camera?
Look no further than the Olympus pen EE3!
For the ridiculously reasonable price of $45.50

Its back! The true gaming console of the ages has returned.
Relive those nostalgic childhood days today
It can be all yours for $150 today!



Original 2007 Wii - First imported to Mars in 2008
Comes with 2x Controllers and 2x Nunchucks in addition to the Wii Unit
*Does not include any games

Take it back to the classics.
Spend some time away from the screen and be consumed by the cube
For a slice of your childhood - Only $12.50

Rubik's Cube


Competition Spec Rubik's Speed cube
Contains 6 sides of varying colours
*Instructions and solving skills sold separately - The Martians are still to solve this anomaly

Coming Soon from the Merchants of Mundane goods (From Mars)

New items to be transported from Mars to be delivered in A/W 2022

Why bother walking?
Reduce the strain and roll through life instead
-More Details to come

Time to panic....?
Time to Disco!
-More Details to come

Coffee? Tea? No worries!
With this mug as a vessel for all your liquids theres no stopping you
-More details to come
On the move, out of the house?
Why overlook the practical portablity of the water bottle!
-More Details to come

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Merchant HQ
The Brown Crater behind the Big Red Rock
Mars, Milky Way